When you add Hacka Tehran and Future Entrepreneurs to Avatech


Last night we had the pleasure of spending an evening with 35 students from the Amirkabir University and Hacka Tehran community here in Avatech.

The students got an insight to being an entrepreneur and got hands on what working in a startup looks like. Sara Usinger our program manager briefly introduced them to Avatech and how Avatech is working. After that we told them about the profile of our teams and how these teams are tackling big issues, ones that touch almost every aspect of our daily lives. After a quick Q&A about Avatech, we gave them a complete tour over Avatech and showed them the place that teams are working. On the other hand, our startup teams were really motivated to see these young talents here. Some of the teams even promoted their job vacancies and willingly shared their experience with them and told them about the life style of an entrepreneur. At the end it’s great that they get exposed to entrepreneurship at an early stage. Too many students graduate from university not realizing entrepreneurship is a career path. Our hope is tours like this can help inspire more young people to start their own companies and help make the world a better place.

But AmirKabir Students were not the only participants that we had. We were hosting Hacka Tehran community here too and they were all so busy networking and programming in our workshop space. At the end having the students and Hacka Tehran both here was so amazing last night.


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