Working with the Start-Up Teams and Mentors at Avatech

Below is a guest post by Jonas Lilienthal, Co Founder of Egopreneurship, Our teams had the opportunity to participate in his workshops during his presence in Iran before Iran web conference.

Having already worked together intensely with Iranian students while building AIESEC in Iran in 2007/08 I was looking forward a lot to get to know the Iranian start-up culture at Avatech and the Iran Web & Mobile Conference.
First the workshop participants at Avatech shared why they are interested in taking part in Team-, Stress- & Conflict management Workshop. This showed the challenges they have to meet in their daily work. Going on from that it was great to see how eager everybody was to learn and improve their skills.
Experiencing problems and failures in the team challenge of building provided the possibility to challenge basic assumptions about leadership and responsibility of the team members.
Using these experiences in the workshop with the mentors we discussed how and when to provide advice to start-up teams and shared good practices of dealing with conflicts and strategies on how to solve them.
Getting to know the work done at Avatech and from the Iranian Entrepreneurs Association, I see a lot of movement and good developments in the Iranian start-up scene. Very important infrastructure is being set up, more and more people gain and share experiences in setting up companies. Especially looking at the mentors I can see a lot of professionalization taking place and a great willingness to contribute to the overall community building.
I wish you good luck especially for the teams at Avatech. Make your failures early on, learn from them, truly respect each other in the teamwork, develop constructive ways of dealing with conflicts and I am sure you will have great success in the long run!
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